Well, hello there! Welcome to my blog! I guess you’ve come to this section to find out a little more about who’s behind all these food posts and pictures…

My name is Beatriz (please call me Bea…), I am 21 years old and, of course, I love food. Pretty obvious, huh?

I come from the lovely island featured in the picture above, Tenerife (Canary Islands) but have also lived in the US, and I’ve spent the last four years in the UK although I only moved to London last summer. And you might be wondering what everyone always asks when they meet me for the first time… why would you come to the UK if you’re from the Canaries?! Well… there are many reasons for that; but the biggest one is that I fell in love with the city and want to pursue my career here. Last year, I graduated from the University of Essex with a Bachelor’s in Marketing, and I felt like the opportunities that the UK has to offer within my career and the industries I’m interested in (Food and FMCG) are endless, so why not stay for a while?

Apart from being a marketing enthusiast and writing blogposts about food that I like, I enjoy traveling, going on the occasional run, cooking (for me but especially for friends and family) and watching movies with my boyfriend Simon aka the movie freak/fanatic.

So now that you know a little about me I hope that you stick around! I would love to get to know you too so feel free to leave comments, send me an email or add me on any of my social media platforms. If you enjoy food as much as I do, we’re pretty much best friends already.