Mini Egg Cookie Bars

I’m currently sitting on the floor of my living room, wondering how I’ve managed to eat so much chocolate today. I was given a big Aero chocolate easter egg at work in the morning which didn’t even last until noon… WHY CAN’T I CONTROL MYSELF?

When you work in Food PR, festive periods such as Easter mean that you have to taste-test a bunch of things for ‘research’ purposes so I guess that’s my excuse. Although I’m not sure if this morning’s massive egg counts as research as none of my clients have ANYTHING to do with chocolate, or chocolate eggs, or Aero…

On top of that, I spend most of my evenings scrolling through Pinterest looking for new recipes to try out for inspiration, which means that I end up cooking a lot of yummy desserts throughout the week and of course eating it all in one go.

I normally wouldn’t share the recipes I find and end up making as they’re not mine. But today’s recipe will be an excuse and if you scroll all the one down you will find the website where I got it from.

MINI EGG COOKIE BARS. Basically a giant cookie that kind of has the consistency of a brownie, with chocolate chips and Cadbury mini eggs. If you think it sounds good, just wait until you try it.

Just make sure you don’t eat all of the dough before you bake it… I had to stop myself and I’m normally not a massive fan of raw dough, but this was something else.

This time I won’t be sharing the recipe, as it wasn’t created by me, but by the lovely Jane from, so if you want to make these bad boys go check it out on her website!

All I have to say is, thank you Jane for making all my cake/dessert/cookie dreams come true. You rock.

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