Coffee and Walnut Cake at Jacob The Angel

I’m going to start this post by complaining about how much transport in London sucks. Or actually, let me rephrase that. Transport in London isn’t bad if you compare it to other places, like Tenerife where I’m from for example. But for being Europe’s most populated capital and paying £138 for a monthly ticket for zones 1 to 3, I am definitely entitled to complain about how bad it is.

Last Sunday, after waking up at 7 am as per usual (I actually can’t sleep in) I decided to make the most out of Sunday morning and take a trip to Jacob the Angel at Neal’s Yard to have my second breakfast of the day. First one was a big bowl of porridge oats like always.

What was set to be a lovely morning sipping coffee and eating cake before central London got incredibly crowded, turned out to be an absolute transport nightmare, taking me over two hours to get there from home instead of the 40 minutes suggested by City Mapper. Traffic was so bad it took the bus 20 minutes to get from Waterloo Station to Blackfriars.

When the nightmare ended, I was left with a very bad mood and an empty stomach, but decided to still go try the trendy coffee spot; and it was well worth it.

When I arrived, the people that were sitting on the only table they have outside stood up and left. This was my favorite moment of the whole day. I rushed inside to get a coffee and a cake and ran back out to make sure no one took the table for me, which luckily no one did.

I asked if I could have a skinny Capuccino but they only use whole milk, and I was completely fine with it, even slightly happy; which I’m sure wouldn’t have been the same reaction from any of the girls queueing up to have raw kale for breakfast at Jacob the Angel’s neighbor cafe, 26 grains. Thinking about that made me enjoy my cake even more. Which by the way, it was delicious, but I bet all of you had already assumed that.

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