Five day trip to Denmark (Part 2)

I know this blog post is long overdue, especially because it’s already been over a month since I was in Denmark and I don’t remember what I did very well. Will try my best though.

But before you read the second part of this trip, make sure you check out the first one here.

Day 4

After spending the night at Simon’s friends house, around 20 minutes away from the centre of Copenhagen, and having a lovely breakfast in the sun cooked by his friends mum, we headed to the city.

There, I ticked off my list a few touristy things, like seeing the statue of the Little Mermaid. After walking for quite a bit, we had lunch with a few of Simon’s Uni friends in Nyhavn, a brightly coloured port full of places to eat and drink.

After lunch, we both really wanted to check out the medicine museum, which is apparently very cool and they show how medicin has evolved throughout the years showing videos of operations in the 50’s and things like that, but arrived there at 4:30 and it closed at 4… Bummer! So instead, we ended our day at Illum’s beautiful terrace having a coffee with a view.


Day 5

We decided to go back to Copenhagen on our last full day in Denmark just for half a day. For quite a few months, I had been annoying Simon with this breakfast place I really wanted to try, so Raw 42 was our first stop.

It was absolutely delicious, by far the best açai I’ve had. But it was way too pricey for what we got. Over £30 for an Açai bowl, small portion of pancakes and two americano’s? Yes, welcome to Denmark.


After breakfast, he had to kill some time before picking up Simon’s brother from the airport and heading back to their family home in Hjembæk, and the sunny day made a visit to Tívoli sound like the perfect plan!

That night was our last in Denmark, so Simon’s family prepared a delicious dinner which we enjoyed outside. On the table we had T-bones, potatoes, a couple of salad options and red wine.

To end the day the best way, we headed to a port nearby and had an ice cream.



Day 6

We didn’t have time to do anything on our last official day as our flight was leaving at 12pm, which meant we had to rush out the door by 9am. What I did do though was truly enjoy my last proper Danish breakfast: rye bread with Danish cheese and blackberry jam. The best way to end yet another amazing trip to the happiest country on earth.

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