My 22nd Birthday (Bill’s, NAMA Foods and Five Guys)

Ever since I turned 18, I haven’t really cared too much about my birthdays. For me, its always a ‘meh’ day. I haven’t properly celebrated in ages (literally); maybe because its during a weird time where some people are on holidays, some have started University/work again, and of course I’m away from home so I can’t get to spend time with family either.

This year looked like it was going to be a bit more eventful though, and it started on Wednesday night with a lovely dinner with the girls at Nama Foods, a raw vegan restaurant in Notting Hill. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a 23 voucher from Time Out which included a three course meal plus a drink. Pretty sweet right? We shared three starters, which were hummus and crackers, raspberry gazpacho and caesar salad. I wasn’t too keen on the gazpacho, I guess I’m used to the original one and I’m not a big fan of variations, but the other two were delicious. The hummus is one of the creamiest ones I’ve ever had! For our main we went for the ‘Pasta’ Pomodoro, in which the spaghetti was courgette. Because its raw, it was of course cold which was a bit odd in the beginning but the lovely, tomato-y flavor made up for it. The desserts were my favorite part: lemon swirl, chocolate and caramel cake and blueberry cheesecake. Delightful.


On Thursday the 21st, on my actual birthday, I had to work at an event which resulted in a 14h long work-day… But to be fair, last year I worked all day at a job I absolutely hated so I didn’t care about working such a long day! Plus, the girls at work treated me to brownies, cake, a PB and jam cronut and the nicest presents the day before – but as if that wasn´t enough, they also gave me a beautiful bouquet, champagne and a plate full of fruits Thursday morning before heading off to the event. They’re the best!


Simon, like the amazing boyfriend he is, stayed up waiting for me to come back home from work, whereas any other day he would’ve fell asleep at 8:30pm. Because he likes his sleep so much (like really, really likes it) this meant the world to me. Also, one of his presents was a lettuce dryer, which I had been begging for for weeks. If the thought of owing a lettuce dryer doesn’t excite you, we can’t be friends, sorry..

The next day, after chilling for the whole morning on a well-deserved Friday off, Simon and I headed to Covent Garden to meet his family and had a meal at Five Guys. OH YES.


Finally, on Saturday, we had breakfast at Bill’s Restaurants. I had the chance to try a new breakfast dish from their autumn menu: coconut porridge with golden berries and pistachios, it was surprisingly good! I didn’t think I liked golden berries but they were lovely on this dish. I also thought it was going to be a bit plain without any maple syrup (I normally put way to much maple syrup on my porridge) but I was completely wrong, it was perfect.


Last year I also had breakfast at Bill’s around my birthday, if only I knew that a year after I’d be working with them… So many things have changed in one year, but everything has done it in a very positive way. I had to go through a few difficult months at the end of last year but it was all worth it. I’m excited to see what my ‘two ducklings’ – 22nd’s in Spanish – have in store for me. Bring them on!

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