Dinner at Breddos Tacos

There are a few things I normally just don’t like eating at restaurants, and one of them is Mexican food. Having family from Mexico and a mom that can absolutely master delicious and authentic dishes, I always get a little disappointed when restaurants advertise themselves as true Mexicans, and are far far away from even getting close to the real deal.

So when I heard of Breddos Tacos I thought to myself: “Ugh, another Mexican wannabe”. But because it had been getting so much attention lately, it sounded like a perfect dinner spot a few weeks ago after running some errands in London.

It is safe to say I was far from disappointed, I was in fact delighted.

Breddos Tacos ticks all the boxes. Proper tacos: check. Lovely and knowledgable staff: check. Beautiful interiors: check.

As a starter, we ordered Queso Fundido, which means melted cheese for those who don’t speak Spanish. When I saw this I wondered what it was, and I wondered if it was actually melted cheese or just some random dish. They told us it was a pot of cheese with tomatoes and it came with potatoes. When we got it, I was ecstatic because it actually was just Queso Fundido. WHOOP.

We weren’t too hungry so for mains we just ordered four tacos and shared. We went for all the meaty ones: Masa Fried Chicken, Carne Asada, Kung Pao Pork Belly and Baja Fish. They were all delicious, especially the pork belly one, which was cooked to perfection, an carne asada, which was tender and full of flavour.

And since we weren’t very hungry, we decided not to go for desserts this time. Although I’ve heard that they’re opening a new site in Soho very soon, which is the perfect excuse to come back soon!



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