Five day trip to Denmark (Part 1)

Because I started working at my new job only in May and spent two long weeks in the Philippines, I didn’t want to take more than just a couple of days off this summer. That meant that a trip home wasn’t really worth it; the Canaries are actually not that close and plane tickets are overpriced during the high season of Summer.

Simon was in the same situation as me, so we both decided that the best we could do for our Summer holidays was to take a five day trip to his hometown, Hjembæk, a teeny-tiny town in the Danish country side, just over an hour away from Copenhagen. I had been there three times already, and there’s something about it that makes me fall in love with it more and more every time I visit.

It’s incredibly peaceful, beautiful and everyone is happy and enjoying the small things life has to offer, like a good cup of filtered coffee in the morning, or that butter is on sale at the nearest supermarket (this is not a joke, they really do love a food-bargains). In fact, Denmark is the happiest country on earth if you didn’t know, and I can totally see why. Perhaps because they don’t live Londoners crazy busy lives.


Day 1

On our first day in Denmark, just after we landed we visited some of Simon’s relatives who live in Copenhagen. We ate at an old meat market called Kødbyen, which has been transformed into a trendy place full of eateries during the day and bars at night. We had lunch at Warpigs, where I ate the best brisket I’ve had in my life.

It was actually the first time I’ve had brisket, but I know it’s the best one I’ll ever have. It had been cooked for 14 hours, and had developed a crispy, charcoaly outside, and an incredibly pink and tender inside. It was brilliant.

Back in Hjembaek, we just relaxed and ate some freaking good dinner. Oh, and play with Simon’s parents adorable dogs, a 13 year old shitzu named Max, and a one year old black labrador called Buster.

Day 2

All we had planned for Friday was to chill, and that’s exactly what we did. For breakfast, I had two slices of rye bread, one with butter, boiled eggs, mayo and chives picked up from the garden, and the other one with smoked ham, and danish style Italian salad.

After the delicious breakfast, I had an amazing whole body massage at Simon’s house massage chair. Yes, they own a massage chair, those ones that you see in malls and have to pay a pound to use. Who owns a massage chair? Anyway, I’m not complaining, it was amazing. A bit painful, but still amazing.

We also baked a delicious apple pie. The idea emerged from the fact that there were two huge apple trees in the garden, even though we ended up not using them for the pie because they were too sour.

After over 1 hour in the oven, we were left with one of the best apple pies we’ve ever tried. Simon and I ate half before it even cooled down…

I will post the recipe for this later this week.

For dinner, we had steak with béarnaise, baked potatoes, a caprese salad (without the basil) and an incredible rhubarb compote that’s not in the picture, also made with rhubarbs from the garden.

Day 3

If you’ve met Simon before, you’ll know that he’s utterly obsessed with golf, so of course he had planned a round with one of his best friends. Tee time was at 9am, meaning we had to wake up at 6am. As you can probably imagine, I couldn’t contain my excitement… not.

After a short round of golf, we headed to visit Simon’s relatives, who had bought cake from La Glace, the best cake shop in Copenhagen. I didn’t take any pictures but I found one online.

That evening, we drove back to Hjembaek, where we packed our stuff and took the train back to Copenhagen, where we had dinner and stayed over at Simon’s friends house.

If you want to read about the last two days we spent in Denmark and the things we did whilst in Copenhagen, stay tuned for the second part of this post! It will be up next Tuesday on the blog.





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