Brunch at Jusu Brothers

Last week I had my mind set on a brunch place that I had been stalking on Instagram for ages. It didn’t take me much to convince my friends to make a trip to Notting Hill on a Sunday morning to try it out, although it takes me around an hour to get there since I live in South East London, and because Southeastern services suck, especially on Sundays. After being stuck in the tube for 40 minutes because there was something wrong with the Circle line and for the 15 minute brisk-walk to the awaited brunch-spot, we found out we had to wait for at least  45 to 50 minutes to get a table.

I was too hungry to even wait for 5 minutes.

We started to make our way to another brunch spot, and when we arrived, there was a queue of people outside and waiting time was around 1 hour. WHY? We kept walking and eventually came across a small cafe that looked beautiful and guess what, WE DIDN’T HAVE TO WAIT TO EAT. HALLELUJAH.

It’s called Jusu Brothers, a pan-asian superfood restaurant serving all-day breakfast. They also have a juice bar, and they offer juices and shakes for seriously all tastes! I had a Coffee Shake, just espresso, bananas and milk. Exactly what I needed after that train/tube mare.

For brunch, I had the classic avocado on toast with eggs. Nothing too exciting I know… Although I must say these tasted particularly good. It might have been the olive oil that they used? I’m not sure but the dish was lovely!

Because one dish each isn’t enough at all, we all decided to share the french toast as a dessert (brunch’s dessert, is that even a thing?). They were also really nice, although I was happy I didn’t order that as my main because the portion was slightly small for my huge appetite.


Overall, the place was lovely, food was delicious and reasonably priced. Oh, and most importantly, we didn’t have to queue!

What are your favourite brunch spots in London? 

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