Brand New Chilli Burger at Honest Burgers

If you’ve read the post ‘I have the best job ever’ I wrote a few weeks ago, you know that they do this amazing thing at my job where new starters get to go out for breakfast or dinner with every member of the team, which means roughly 12 meals on the house! Amazing, huh?

Last week we had a new starter and today was the day we had our lunch scheduled. She hadn’t tried Honest Burgers yet (and I hadn’t had a burger in a while, surprisingly) so it wasn’t hard to pick which restaurant to go to.

Before we left the office, one of my colleagues mentioned they were soon going to launch a new burger called the Chilli burger. They haven’t changed their menu in four years, since the launch of the Tribute burger, so this was exciting news. When I arrived there, guess when the launch date was? TODAY! It was a sign – I was meant to go to Honest Burgers today. I mean, chilli and burgers are my two favorite things, ever, so you can imagine how much I enjoyed my lunch.

As you can see on the menu, this burger combines chilli cheese, jalapeño relish and Honest’s hot sauce, which makes for the perfect flavor combo for spicy lovers like myself. To top this off – we got a free bottle of the homemade Honest hot sauce for being one of the first customers who asked for a Chilli burger! Happy days!


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