The cheesiest bar in London

This post is dedicated to all of you out there who, like me, are obsessed with cheese. If you can’t relate to that, you’ll find this post extremely boring so you can exit now – and don’t ever talk to me again. Just kidding (not really). But seriously, if you like cheese keep reading!

Last week I realized that The Cheese Bar was finally doing reservations for two people rather than just four or more, which was the perfect excuse for Simon and I to go try it. I had heard that it usually got pretty busy during weekends and I didn’t want to wait. I don’t have time for that, or patience. I actually have a lot less patience than time. But who cares about that, let’s talk about what really matters: cheese.

We arrived at 5:30 pm on Saturday and I felt slightly embarrassed for having made a reservation because the bar was completely empty. We were pretty much the only people there. We sat down in the beautiful bar inside even though it was sunny and warm outside; I actually don’t like the sun hitting on my face when I’m eating – or actually even when I’m not eating. The place kind of reminded me of Padella at Borough Market, similar style and size, except they don’t cook in front of you which was a bummer because I thought they did!

We decided to order two starters and two grilled cheese and share everything. As a starter, we went for the burrata and the mozzarella sticks. Both were absolutely delicious, I’m pretty sure we chowed them down in less than 2 minutes. Well I think it was longer than that, because I had some time to take some pictures and a video of it, which Simon hated me for. He’s not allowed to touch the food until I’ve taken enough pictures.

As mains, we ordered their specialty: grilled cheese. We love grilled cheese so much. One time we were watching the movie Chef and the scene where Carl (Jon Favreau) makes a grilled cheese for his son came up; we were salivating so much at the screen that we had to pause the movie and go make one for ourselves. So of course we had to order them! I was surprised because they were the same ones as I had once from The Cheese Truck at Maltby St Market. But I’ve done some research and apparently they’re both owned by the same person. Makes sense.

Pretty much everything about this place was amazing. Location, ambience, music, FOOD… except the service. There was only one girl that was attentive to our table, whilst the rest of the staff didn’t look like they cared that much. Maybe it was just a one off thing? I’m sure I’ll go again some time so I guess I’ll find that out!

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