I have the best job ever

If you haven’t noticed by now, my life evolves around food. Not only I enjoy eating it, of course, but I love talking about it with people that love it as much as I do, reading about it in the papers, magazines and online, writing about it, and so on. I have felt this way for a long time now but it was only at the end of last year when something inside of me clicked and I realised that I could also make a living out of my passion for food. That’s when I decided to only apply for jobs that were within the Food and Drinks industry.

Working in this industry is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my entire life. Not only I deal with clients that are only within the sector, but all my colleagues are equally passionate about it and there is a lot, I mean A LOT of food involved.
When I first started, I found out that to give the ‘newbie’ the chance of getting to know the team, you go out to eat with everyone at the company, individually. And you can’t repeat a restaurant so you also get to know the area (Bermondsey/London Bridge). Isn’t this the best idea ever?

Antico – 214 Bermondsey St

Padella – 6 Southwark St

Tanner & Co – 50 Bermondsey St

The Breakfast Club – 11 Southwark St

KERB – London Bridge

London Grind – 2 London Bridge

Machine Cycling Cafe – 97 Tower Bridge Rd

Besides these, I also went to Mercato Metropolitano (42 Newington Causeway), B Street Deli (88 Bermondsey St) and The Garrison Public Hour (99 Bermondsey St). If I had to chose one, I would go for Padella Pasta, but I did also like Mercato Metropolitano and I’m really looking forward to going back.
I really couldn’t have asked for a better way to start working at a company. I will certainly miss being the new person!

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