Brunch at The Modern Pantry

I write this post as I wait for my delayed train on a horribly hot (31ºC to be precise) Monday afternoon in London. Oh, can I also add it’s rush hour. And the train I’m going to get on doesn’t have AC. I don’t think it can get any worse than this.

On a more positive note, I am happy to be writing again (although it’s not under the best conditions!). This weekend and last week has been absolutely crazy. I moved to my new apartment – FINALLY!!! – but that means that I’ve been moving all my stuff and organising everything. And Simon’s not here to help which absolutely sucks, but luckily my sister has come visit so at least I’ve got a helping hand and I haven’t had to do everything on my own!

Although on Saturday, to escape the stress of moving, I headed to Farringdon with a couple of friends to have brunch in the sun at the beautiful Modern Pantry. I was very excited about this because it was my friend who suggested going there, and because I was so busy I couldn’t do any research on it prior to the weekend. I would normally stalk the restaurant on all of their social media platforms, their menu, the prices, the location, etc. And this time I had no clue what the place looked like and what the menu was like.

They had a bunch of alternatives to the usual avocado on toast and Açai bowls, which is great because I love trying new things. The service was great, the interior and exterior were lovely and the staff were nice too. Oh and can I add that the presentation was gorgeous?!

I ordered the tea-smoked salmon with two poached eggs, toasted English muffins, Yuzu hollandaise, hazelnut & macadamia dukkah. Sounds very fancy, I know.

This is what my friend Laura ordered, the garam masala roasted banana, date, cocoa & pecan granola, coconut yoghurt and passionfruit. We also got pancakes to share between the four of us and I deeply regret not taking a picture of that dish because it was beautiful, just like everything else. I’ll have to go back again!

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