Three Street Foods You Need To Try

My life is normally pretty chilled. I spend my weeks working and my weekends hanging out with friends, chilling at home, eating and taking siestas. But for some reason, these weeks are being absolutely hectic. Two of my friends from Spain are staying at my place, Simon moved into my flat from Essex yesterday (which means my tiny living room is completely full of boxes) and left to Denmark this morning, my sister is also coming later this week AND I am moving to my new apartment next weekend. Worst of all: I have been sleeping on the floor for the last 4 days because I’ve offered my bed to my friends – I would feel so bad if they had to sleep on the floor instead of me! But I’m not complaining, love having friends and family visit me from home.
Therefore, I hope the above explains why I haven’t posted in what feels like ages. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating and trying new delicious things. With the excuse of my friends being here I have been eating even more… Here are the three most delicious things I’ve tried these past few weeks!

El Jefe and The Saratoga Clubhouse from Project Sandwich

Didn’t surprise me at all that they were voted Best Sandwich this year (on the critic vote) by Sandwich Fest

Hanger Steak and Fries from The Beefsteaks

I already knew that the meat that these guys serve is outstanding, but now my Simon has also approved and that means it’s REALLY GOOD!

The Homer and Maple and Pecan Donuts from Vicky’s Donuts

Even if you aren’t lucky enough to live in London and try these bad boys, you should definitely follow them on Instagram for some serious donut-porn.
 Have you tried any of the above? Let me know so we can fan-food over it!

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