Tribute Burger at Honest Burgers

Ever since I started working full time again, I have found myself to be going into a food coma every weekend. Now you might be wondering where’s the correlation… I barely have time to try new eateries during the week, so I try to squeeze in as many brunches, lunches and dinners during the weekend as my stomach (and wallet) allow me, which is not the healthiest but I enjoy it so F it.

For example, just a couple of weeks ago I went to Iberica for dinner on a Friday night, and ate SO much that I couldn’t eat breakfast the morning after and had to go for a run instead to get rid of the bloating. That was actually not very fun.

This weekend wasn’t that bad though, but I still ate a lot. Besides trying a new Ben & Jerry’s flavour, Topped Salted Caramel Brownie, which has actually become my favourite, I finally tried Honest Burgers! The burger was ah-mazing. The patty was cooked medium-rare (upon request), just how I like it! But although I didn’t think the burger was better than Five Guys – contrary to what a lot of people had told me – the fries were actually better! And the onion rings, gosh, they were unreal. I dipped mine in chipotle mayo. Heavy breathing.


 What’s your favourite burger in London? If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

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