Best Fresh Pasta in London

Well hello everyone, long time no see! As I imagined, I haven’t been posting as often as I can; and just as I decided to write today’s post last night, I realised I couldn’t access my website for some strange reason. After being on hold for 33 minutes (to be precise) with my hosts’ customer support, they confirmed that they were having some issues with their platform and that everything should go back to normal once these are solved. I was very happy about this because for a second I thought that my site had been hacked, BUT NO, IT’S ALL GOOD FOLKS!! Food Vibes is still up and running!

Besides freaking out thinking that my blog had suffered a malicious cyber-attack – cause we all know this blog is just as important as the NHS or Disney’s latest movies, lols – lately, I’ve been working a lot, running a lot, and, of course, eating a lot. If you’ve read my previous post you know I started a new job last week, and I’m lovin’ it. Besides really liking what I’m doing, the company has this amazing thing where the new person gets to go out to have lunch/breakfast with every member of the team, individually. Which means I will end up going to +10 lunches and breakfasts with the purpose of getting to know everyone and the area’s food scene. How amazing is that?!?

So far, I’ve been out eating with… 5 of my colleagues I believe? So I’m only half way through! I will make a separate post once I’ve eaten out with everyone to give you an overview of all the amazing places I’ve tried.

But there is one place that I’ve tried that deserves its very own blog post, and that is Padella Pasta. It’s one of these places that makes me want to punch myself in the throat for not trying it before. I mean, holy crap, the pasta at this restaurant is one of the best ones I’ve had in my entire life. And it’s so cheap too!!! How is this even possible?!!



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