Charcuterie and Cheese Boards at Brown and Rosie

Summer is coming up and that means that on-the-terrace dining season has (almost) officially started here in London, WHOOP WHOOP, my favorite! I love eating whilst sitting outside, mainly because I get some fresh air and because I can stalk people walking by. Oh, and the lightning for that Insta-pic is always better. It’s all perks here!

For that reason, I have recently been watching out for restaurants and cafes with nice outside-seating, and I’ve come to the realization that many of them have also started to add summer menus or special dishes. One of them is Brown and Rosie, which I actually mentioned a few posts back as I had a Chai Latte there that was really, really good. I wanted to go back because they had just added an Evening Food Menu that included a cheese and charcuterie board, so I decided to head to South Kensington yesterday and give it a go.

I went there with Kate (who else?) who is a cheese and charcuterie fan like myself. I am actually starting to get really sad though, because she doesn’t have much time left here in London (she’s from the US) and I won’t have any foodie-friends that get as excited as her about trying new places and dishes. Applications to be my new foodie-friend have officially opened, so drop me a message if interested! Lol just kidding.

They also had a great deal where you get the two boards + a bottle of wine for £40, but we didn’t go for that as we weren’t feeling that much wine. I know that in my previous post I mentioned that I barely drink, but I do have wine sometimes, even though I always wake up with the biggest headache if I have more than two glasses. My boyfriend and his brother actually call me ‘one-sip Bea’. They’re so funny, I know.

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