Aussie-Style Brunch at Daisy Green

If you haven’t figured this out yet, my favorite plans revolve around food. Wether it’s having friends over and baking, going to a street food market and eating whilst enjoying the sunshine (or the clouds if you live in London like me) or going out for brunch on the weekend to catch up with my girlfriends. I’m not a fan of going out (or drinking, for that matter), so whilst people my age normally spend their money on parties and pubs, I never ever go out (or very rarely) and spend my money on food instead. And I absolutely love it.

This Bank Holiday weekend, my friend and ex-colleague Laura, who I barely see cause she works super long days, decided to go out for brunch. Of course, I was in charge of decided where we ate, which wasn’t hard at all. Just like me, Laura likes going to cute places in a nice area in London, with healthy dishes that have avocado and eggs in them (for the Insta-pic, you know the drill) and that are not overly expensive; so we ended up going to Daisy Green in Marble Arch, which ticked all of the boxes.

The food was delicious, just how I expected it to be. I had already stalked them on Instagram, of course, and the dishes looked amazing. But the place, OMG, it is probably one of the cutest and best decorated brunch spots I have ever been to. In my life. And I’ve been to quite a few.

Beautiful right?! The paintings were so colorful and the place is so bright. They call it the “Secret Garden Brunch”.

I got the Broccoli & corn fritters with bacon and a poached egg, and a Lamington cake to share with Laura for dessert. Oh, and a house made Chai Latte, I’ve been obsessed with it lately. I had never tried the Lamington cake, which is an Australian spongy cake made with apricot jam, and covered in dark chocolate and coconut sprinkles, YUM! Besides being delicious, the portion was very, very generous (I just had a yogurt for dinner cause I was so full for the rest of the day). The girls sitting next to us were having the Famous banana bread sandwich and it looked soooooo gooooood, I want to go back already. And yeah this is me being really happy after brunch with a cute sign and a blue bike.

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