The Almighty at Mangetout

If you have never been to Essex before, you’ve probably heard about it – especially about Essex guys and girls – from shows like Towie. Well, as someone who lived there, I can tell you that what they show in these shows is true, for the most part. Or at least in Southend-on-Sea. But besides not falling under the Essex stereotype myself, I actually kind of enjoyed living there. Southend is a beach town where everything is within walking distance and there is an OK variety of places to eat and shop for how relatively small the place actually is. To sum it up, the restaurant choices here are a few Italians, Nandos, Roosters, a few “Mexicans”, fast-food chains (McDonalds, KFC…), a couple of Turkish chicken shops, and a bunch of local places, some of which are decent, some of which are disgusting. Of course, by the end of my Uni years, I had already tried all of them, or at least that’s what I thought.

Yesterday, Simon and I went out for dinner to celebrate that I got a new job (YAAAAYYY!), and we decided to try a restaurant called Mangetout. I can’t believe I lived in Southend for three years and I never tried this place. I remember having a conversation with one of my classmates about how good he thought the burgers were here, but also that they were too expensive. I guess that’s why I never went.

The burgers were kind of expensive if you compare them to Southend prices I guess, but totally normal compared to how much a burger costs at a restaurant in London. And oh m gee, these burgers were THA BOMB.

I will start by saying that if you think that I ate the huge one, I didn’t. I ate the smaller one. I’m trying to work on my summer beach bod as you can see. Simon had the huge one (of course), which by the way is called ‘The Almighty’. Wonder why…

For a starter (because I thought a double patty burger and fries weren’t going to be enough) I got the spiciest jalapeño poppers I’ve ever had in my entire life. I thought I was going to die, literally. At one point I even chew the napkin as an act of desperation, which didn’t help in the slightest by the way. They were also very, very toalleros, and if you know what this expression means let me know in the comments.

And just because I was still hungry, don’t ask me how, I got a peanut butter and jam cookie pie. YES, PB+JAM FREAKING COOKIE PIE. Heaven in a dessert!

Needless to say, I will be going back to just eating salads for the rest of the weekend, although I don’t regret eating all of this, at all. It was amazing!

What are your food plans for this long weekend? I’m always in the hunt for new places to try so if you have any recommendation, please let me know!

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