Guac n Roll salad at Squirrel

Since I got back to London a couple of days ago (I am still jet lagged by the way…) I’ve pretty much only been eating salads. Greek salads, Caesar salads, boring salads, cool salads, avocado salads… You name it and add salad to it and I’ve had it. I’m normally not like this, I do like them but I don’t eat them all the time, but my body is just craving them so much lately it’s not even funny. I’m sure it’s due to the burger and pizza overload I had in the Philippines. So yeah, you can call me Bea the salad girl.

Another thing I’ve been doing, or trying to do since I got back, is to catch up with the blog and try to tick restaurants off my list of places I want to try. A list that by the way keeps getting longer and longer, no matter how many places I cross out every week. The fact that I have been trying so many places lately also means that I haven’t been at my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PLACE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AKA FIVE GUYS in what it feels like an eternity. I MISS IT SO MUCH. But anyway, I’m rambling way too much. What was I even talking about? Oh yeah, salads.

As soon as I put my feet on English grounds, I texted my friend and fellow foodie Kate about catching up soon, which is also the perfect excuse to go out and try a new place. Kate suggested we went to a salad restaurant (that’s the 10th time I’ve used the word salad in this post; now 11th) and of course I agreed, especially after she told me that the place was called Squirrel. How freaking cute is that name??!

And if you think that the name is cute, wait until you check out the pictures of the actual place.

Yes, those are acorn-shaped lamps. ADORABLE.

Cutest place ever? Definitely. I went for the Guac ‘n’ Roll salad as it had two of my favorite things: avocado (duh) and black beans or frijoles as I prefer to call them. It was pretty good but I made the mistake of not changing the spinach for romain lettuce. I don’t digest raw spinach very well so it resulted in me being bloated for the rest of the evening. Yay. After this I also ate a peanut and milk chocolate chip cookie at Ben’s Cookies and a chai latte from Brown and Rosie. Maybe I should reconsider the fact that I was bloated because of the raw spinach.

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