Catfish and Balot in the Philippines

‎Ahh I’m so happy to be writing again! Finally! It’s been… one week I believe since I last posted? As some of you might know (from my Instagram or if you’re friends-family) I’m in the Philippines, and I haven’t had time or wifi to actually sit down and write a blog post sharing my culinary experiences so far. And when I finally had some wifi a couple of days ago, I got the stomach flu… lucky me.

I’ve been in the Philippines for a week so far, and in a nutshell, all I’ve got to say is that the rice is amazing, the people are lovely, and it’s very, very warm. So far, the most “exotic” thing I’ve tried is catfish. If you live in/have visited Loro Parque in the Canary Islands (by the way I’m completely against the existence of that zoo) catfish are the fish that they have in the pool right when you go in. Because I forgot to take a picture of it, you can click here to see how they cook them and what they look like when you get them served. Besides that, another typical Filipino food that I’ve seen (I didn’t actually try this one, some will understand why) is Balot, a partially developed chicken in what looks like a totally normal boiled egg on the outside. So pretty much a baby chicken that hasn’t yet fully developed inside the egg. Not exactly my cup of tea…

Simon was brave enough to try it (he will literally eat anything) and said that just tastes like a hard boiled egg. I think though that there are others in which the chicken is more developed. Just Google it and you’ll see what I mean.

Other than these two things, we’ve been eating Western food. You know, burgers and pizzas and all that.

I’m sure there’s more pictures of food on my phone, and that I’m forgetting some cool restaurants I’ve visited, but it’s nighttime here in Manila already and I’m really tired (also had to write this on my phone as I don’t have my computer with me) so I will see you in my next post!

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