Spanish Tapas at Pizarro

Second blog of the day, as promised! I’m sitting at the gate about to board my plane so this will probably be a short post…

What I look forward to the most every time I’m traveling back home is the food. And my mom (I have to make that little disclaimer as she always reads my blog; hola mami!). There’s something about Spanish food that’s just so much better than any other. I know I’m biased since I’m Spanish, but I’m sure that a lot of non-Spaniards agree with me. Like my american friend Kate; she’s even more obsessed with Spanish food than I am.

Just like with Mexican food (as I mentioned in my previous post), I find it hard to find really good Spanish food outside of Spain. But luckily, we have Jose Pizarro here in London. I’ve been to his three restaurants probably around… twenty times in the last month? But that’s because I work with them (I am an intern in the company that does their Marketing), so every week I have to go take pictures for their social media. But because I like it so much, I also go there outside of work hours, like last Thursday, where I went with Simon, my friend Kate (of course) and her boyfriend Carson. Just as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll just insert a few pics of the dinner that will speak for themselves.

So freaking good. That’s all I have to say. Or to be honest I could say a lot more but they’ve just started boarding my flight. Watch this space cause the next post will be about food from a very, very cool place!

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