The Most Amazing Vegan Pizza at Homeslice

As I was putting some veggies in the oven for my dinner, I looked at my watch and realized it was 5:30 pm – And I wanted to post at 6 pm. Fantastic. I can definitely write a blog post in less than half an hour, but the problem is that Simon aka my native English speaking boyfriend/editor of this blog always reads through my posts and edits whatever needs to be edited. And NO he does not do that for free, I feed him every time he comes over to my house, which is like 3 times a week.

Anyway, let’s get to the point of this post. As most of you probably know already, from my previous post and my Instagram stories if you follow me on there, I decided to go vegan for three weeks. Why three weeks? Well I’m going on holiday at the end of next week so it was basically just for the three weeks leading up to the trip. So far it’s going pretty good, I’m not starving at all and don’t feel too deprived of foods that I like. In fact, I feel fuller than when I wasn’t vegan!

Because of that, I am now “forced” to find restaurants that have vegan alternatives. Thankfully, London has thousands of places that offer vegan options – and also a lot of vegan foods at supermarkets – so it hasn’t been a problem at all. I don’t know what I would do if I was living in the Canary Islands still, I don’t think any restaurant there offers vegan dishes other than a lettuce salad.

One of the places on my “restaurants-to-try” list was Homeslice, a super cute pizza place in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden, that sells 20inch pizzas for £20. If you’re from another country you might be thinking “what an absolute rip-off”, but trust me, it’s pretty decent for London prices.


Excuse the horrible quality in the picture but the menu was really far away… I decided to go for a pizza and make half of it the mushroom + ricotta (I substituted this for spinach) + pumpkin seed + chili flakes, and the other half with butternut pumpkin+ broccoli + pecorino (I ordered it without this) + crispy onion. And oh my gosh, all I have to say is that it was the most delicious, amazing, scrumptious pizza I have ever had in my life. Especially the mushroom one. And it was vegan. Which means no cheese. WHAT?


So if you were like I was before and thinks that a pizza is not the same without cheese, please give Homeslice a try if you’re ever in London. I can guarantee you that you will change your mind.

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