Going Vegan? Why?

I’m sure you have realized already – judging from my blog posts and Instagram pictures if you follow me there – that I eat all kinds of foods, both junk and healthy. And I’m sure most of you even think that I eat more junk than anything! But the truth is, that while I post a bunch of pictures of burgers and fries, my diet is actually pretty healthy. Or at least I like to think it is.

I grew up in a house where all meals were homemade and very, very healthy. My mom is a nutritionist, which meant that anything fried or processed was totally prohibited. Yeah, I was always that weird kid at school eating a packet of almonds during breaks. This meant that I was always very thin growing up, until I moved to the United States when I was fifteen and I substituted mommy’s homemade lunch for having uncrustables, tater tots, biscuits, gravy and other junks, which resulted in me gaining 30 pounds. A freaking traumatizing experience for a girl in her cringy teenage years. Thankfully, I’ve always had a good relationship with food, so after I lost the gained weight, and still today, I am able to eat pretty much anything in moderation, and not feeling guilty for any meal.

But this is not a fitness blog so I’m going to quit the life-changing weight-loss-journey chat now and get to the point of this post.

As I said, I eat pretty much everything and I’m up to trying all sorts of diets, foods and ways of eating. So whilst I was in Madrid last weekend with my friend Kate and we were chewing on some jamón serrano and presa ibérica (YUM) we both thought… I wonder what vegan’s eat? Do they struggle to find vegan alternatives at restaurants or when they travel? Should we turn into vegans and see what it’s like? And so we did! Well… not really… only for three weeks. But still, for a girl that has eggs and halloumi for lunch every day this is a huge deal and I deserve some credit for it.

So far it’s been great. I’ve only had homemade meals though since I got back from Madrid, but this weekend I will be trying a few vegan places around the city. This is kind of exciting as I will be going to places that I would’ve probably never tried if I hadn’t decided to go vegan for a few weeks. I will leave a few pictures bellow of the things I’ve been eating in the past few days. If you want the recipe of any of them, please reach out!

Frijoles (black beans) with quinoa, tomato and avocado. Black beans have to be one of my favorite things ever.

Just your usual wholewheat pasta dish without sauce or meat. Instead, I added a few greens and a fair amount of Sriracha (if you don’t know what Sriracha is or don’t like it we can’t be friends)

I bought this as my midday snack on my way to work and they were GOOD. A bit pricey but just like any snack of this sort, they were very filling and tasted pretty good!

Just a normal quinoa salad, I used the leftover quinoa from the black beans and quinoa dish.

This has to be my favorite dish so far – vegan curry! Was super easy to make and tasted amazing.

I made a batch of these vegan cookies and they were gone in less than two days. And yes, I ate them all. No regrets.

If you have any recommendation for vegan restaurants in London – and of course, restaurants that have vegan option – or any vegan recipe, let me know!




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