Mediterranean Chicken Skewers at Alma Café

It’s funny how crazy Londoners go when it gets “warm” (a.k.a 15 degrees) in the city, myself included. Everybody goes outside because they know that the nice weather is not going to last very long. I was so excited about it that I decided not to take the underground that day (where possible) and walk everywhere, which resulted in covering more than 15 km. If you live in London, you’ll understand me…

To seize the day, my friend Laura and I decided to explore a new part of the city and get out of the Covent Garden-Oxford Street-Charing Cross-Waterloo area; I can’t even start to describe how horribly crowded it was and I can’t deal with that. We discovered Alma Cafe (on Instagram, of course) in Barnes and decided to give it a go. I must say, I’m absolutely jealous of people that live there – especially in Castelnau Road. The houses are incredible (and probably incredibly expensive too).

After a 40 minute walk from the station, we arrived at Alma Cafe. We were planning on having brunch, but as good Spaniards, we were of course late. The lunch looked just as good though so that wasn’t a problem.

The staff were incredibly friendly, the place was beautiful, the service was perfect, the food was amazing and the prices were pretty decent. Another perk is that they allowed dogs inside, so we had lunch as we petted a Golden Retriever that belonged to the people sitting next to us. Thank you Social Media for yet another amazing discovery.

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