Soup of the Day at Over Easy

I work from home most days during the week, which means I spend a lot of time sitting at my kitchen table in my tiny flat in London. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my current job, but sometimes working from home all day can get a little monotonous.

Some days I decide to get out of the house and work from a coffee place or a small restaurant, but more often than not it takes me a little bit of time to find places with good WiFi that are not too crowded, have comfy chairs (I have scoliosis so sitting at an uncomfortable chair gets really painful after a while), and have accessible power sockets. And also ones that serve good food for a reasonable price for that matter.

I recently found out about Over Easy, and it definitely ticks all of the boxes. Plus, the food is lovely! I was gonna go for the classic avocado-on-toast with eggs, but decided to go for the soup of the day instead – which was an apple and celeriac soup – and it was a great decision. To be honest, when the waiter told me what the soup was made of I was a little “meh” but still decided to go for it. I mean, if you’ve never heard of an apple and celeriac soup it does sound a bit weird… But trust me, it was amazing, probably one of the best soups I’ve had.

I really, really liked this place, and I will definitely be changing my desk for one of their tables again sometime soon! Maybe I’ll even be lucky enough to go when they’re serving this soup again.

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