Bleecker Black at Bleecker Burger

Growing up, I always considered myself a pizza-person, rather than a burger-person, until I met the love of my life: Five Guys. From the day I tried them in Long Island (New York) around seven years ago, I’ve considered them to be the best burgers in the world. I eat there at least once a month and every time I go feels like the first time; but that’s a whole different post.

This year, though, I’ve decided to expand my burger-knowledge and try different places in London. TimeOut has put together a list of London’s Best Burgers, and I am determined to try all fifteen of them.

For around 6 months, my boyfriend Simon and I had been wanting to try the well-known Bleecker Burger, so last week we decided to start with this one. Though I must admit that I had been working all morning at a food-photoshoot (meaning that I got to try around 15 dishes) and couldn’t get a burger myself because I was completely full, so I will have to come back soon!


Simon decided to go for the Bleecker Black, which has two perfectly medium-rare cooked patty’s and black pudding, with Angry Fries on the side; chips topped with blue cheese and hot sauce. The Angry Fries were amazing, but I am not a big fan of black pudding so the burger wasn’t my favourite. I would’ve personally gone for the double cheeseburger.


On a scale from 1 to Five Guys (Five Guys = 10), I give this burger an 8. Why? Again, not a fan of black pudding, and also for a girl like me who can eat almost as much as my 1,91m boyfriend, this burger was rather small. I guess that’s ok if you order some chips too. That, or order two burgers, why not.


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