Special Burger at The Beefsteaks

For some reason, I tend to be a very lucky person when it comes to contests. I’ve won so many prizes in draws it’s not even fair. From sets of boardgames and clothes, to iPad’s and spa days. You name it, I’ve won it. Except the national lottery – one day though.

As the food lover that I am, the best things to win are of course food related. So to say that I was extremely happy when I won a half-price lunch from Kerb at the King’s Cross market, is an understatement. I had never been to Kerb King’s Cross and the only day I could redeem my prize was on the 1st of March – which was also the day they re-opened that branch this year – so it was the perfect excuse to get a break from working at home and take a 30 minute train to visit them!

Surprisingly, I arrived before they opened and was one of the first people there. I say surprisingly because I am Spanish, and Spanish people are always late, I think we can all agree on this. Not in my case when it comes to food though.


As always, it was very hard to choose which vendor to go for. Until I started reading The Beefsteaks menu – they had the option to get steak with béarnaise sauce, YUM! – and they mentioned that they were doing a Special Burger today and asked if I wanted to try it… I was immediately convinced.


You might be wondering what’s in the burger: a charcoal-grilled rib eye, onglet and bone marrow patty with tartare relish and a soy-pickled egg yolk, served on a seeded brioche bun. It was ah-mazing. Not only that, but the people working there were lovely! The guy making the burger, Alex, explained everything with a lot of enthusiasm. I find it very refreshing and inspiring to talk to someone that’s really passionate about something, and he was one of those people.

This burger was the first of their £6 test dishes, and they will be trying new burger-recipes every Wednesday at Kerb King’s Cross. Their idea is to make affordable but delicious lunches that are an alternative to supermarket sandwiches or the classic meal-deals, genius!


You can check The Beefsteaks out on Twitter and Instagram, or simply go and try it for yourself! You won’t regret it.

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